Fully customizable stages with interactive live audience

Enter the dialogue. Go live from anywhere in the world and host your virtual event on our fully customizable stages.


With our virtual studio, there are virtually no limits to creativity. Our fully personalized stages take your virtual event to the next level.

With the help of virtual reality solutions, we integrate logos into your event, make presentations look more vivid, make diagrams and infographics appear animated, and more. We also let virtually connected guests come onto the virtual stage and enter into a joint dialog with the presenter.

Your online event will be more interactive and realistic than ever with the virtual event studio.

THE SPECIAL oppertunities

In the virtual studio, we enable you to have lively real-time interactions. Invite participants from all over the world to the virtual stage.

The use of virtual technologies creates an event with optimal results.

Thanks to our prefabricated design elements, your virtual event can also be realized promptly.

Stage conception

We produce your event futuristic, minimalist or conservative. Move to events on stages that exactly fit your event strategy.


We can make elements from presentations more realistic than ever for your event. We incorporate three-dimensional graphics and animations into your event. Ideally suited for visualizing new products, for trainings and more.

Prefabricated or customized

In addition to the design of worlds, adapted to the corporate identity of brands, we offer directly available representations. And if you want something unique? Then we develop for you the customized environment that meets your requirements.

Virtual animations

You would like to integrate further three-dimensional elements into your event? Walk through large installations with your guests or show small details on products. We create 3D animations and integrate them.

Online formats for your event

  • Company anniversaries
  • Panel-discussions
  • Press conferences
  • Online debates
  • Award ceremonies
  • Online conferences
  • Symposiums
  • Advanced trainings


In our productions, we attach great importance to the entirety of the design. Realistic perspectives are therefore essential as well as the inclusion of light and reflections important components.


Use the possibilities of our virtual studios for yourself. Whether on a small scale or large; talk to us. We will work out your tailor-made event and comply with your wishes.

Possibilities at a glance